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Dr. Dean Yibarbuk

Dr. Dean Yibarbuk

Chairman of Warddeken Land Management Ltd

Dr Dean Yibarbuk is a senior Traditional Owner from West Arnhem Land. He has been a leader at the cutting edge of fire management project development, with a passion for integrating ancient traditional knowledge with modern science. This work led to the formation of the world’s first fire management greenhouse gas abatement project – WALFA – the West Arnhem Land Fire Abatement, and the subsequent development of a methodology for savanna burning greenhouse abatement across northern Australia. Dean is now working to extend this technology in sub-saharan Africa. Dr Yibarbuk is the Chairman of Warddeken Land Management Ltd, Director for Nawarddeken Academy, Co-Chair of the Indigenous Carbon Industry Network (ICIN), and Co-Chair of the Karrkad Kanjdji Trust.

Dean Yibarbuk’s leadership has led to dramatic improvements in fire management in northern Australia, an outcome that can literally be seen from space, but which has also led to lifestyle improvements for thousands of indigenous Australians. 

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